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Jan 15 2013

Sweet Potato Bacon Hash with Fried Egg

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When I get all jazzed up to make a serious weekend breakfast, I prefer something sweet–homemade sweet rolls or french toast or pancakes with chocolate or fruit.  Greg, however, likes savory breakfasts–something with meat, eggs and cheese and if there’s a carb in the mix, it should be only used as a vehicle to get […]

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Jan 03 2013

Sweet Potato Spinach Pizza

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I feel like the kind of pizzas I see on blogs and in specialty cookbooks and the kind of pizzas I’d have delivered to my house via whatever chain restaurant has advertised a sweet deal during Monday Night Football are two completely different things.  When it comes to the delivery stuff, I really just like […]

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Jan 11 2012

Twice Baked Sweet Potatoes with Gruyere

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I’m seriously not trying to be such a copycat blogger this month but this is a time of year when all bloggers are speaking my language–healthy foods made with seasonal ingredients that are tasty and approachable enough to make for a weeknight dinner.  When you keep finding meals that seem delicious, healthy, comforting and using […]

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Oct 19 2011

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad

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Remember I told you I was going to have more lunch salads in the posting queue?  Well, I’ve let you down, until this moment.  Actually, this post was forced after I got a little carried away with the sweet potatoes.  One Saturday awhile ago, Greg bought the absolute biggest sweet potato he could possibly find.  […]

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Oct 05 2011

Spiced Sweet Potato Pancakes

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In our house, making weekend breakfasts is an exercise in sacrifice.  For the noble cause of something deliciously beyond cereal, one of us has to get out of bed to make that happen while the other gets to stay sleeping. You may not think that’s much of an effort, especially for something as worthwhile as […]

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