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Jan 08 2013

BBQ Spiced Pork Tenderloin and Corn Risotto

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I will admit, I get overly panicky about our household budget.  I track every single penny that comes in and every single penny that goes out.  Even when we’re doing well, I’m constantly trying to find ways to economize, to the point of seriously annoying my easy going husband when I ask him, “Is there […]

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Aug 13 2012

Essential Salsa

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Many of us lead busy lives but the truth is, we live on one endless calendar of task, our lives ebb and flow with busyness.  We fill the down time by watching Lifetime movies, baking pies, filling our online shopping cart with stuff we won’t buy and browsing food blogs.  When the busy times comes, […]

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Jul 18 2012

Fresh Corn and Cherry Tomato Salad

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“Oh, you can bring a salad!” That’s what people tell  you when they either don’t trust your cooking or they like their own cooking way too much to give up a prime show-off dish like the appetizer or dessert.  The only thing less interesting (and harder to screw up) than the salad is a fruit […]

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Jun 11 2012

Easy Asparagus Alfredo over Ravioli

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I’ve been to several management classes/seminars that have preached about the Golden Triangle–this balance that hangs between Quality, Time and Cost.  Basically, one of them has to give for the other two to be optimal.  In my cooking life, I usually try to optimize Quality and Cost at the expense of Time–I pick my own […]

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Mar 23 2012

Hot Dogs in Pretzel Buns

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I’m a fan of the show Next Food Network Star–it makes me wonder if I could ever do something like that and then smacks me back into the reality that, no, I probably couldn’t.  Last season, I was really pulling for Susie win; her warm smile, bubbly personality and sweet stories about her family won […]

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