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Jan 03 2013

Sweet Potato Spinach Pizza

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I feel like the kind of pizzas I see on blogs and in specialty cookbooks and the kind of pizzas I’d have delivered to my house via whatever chain restaurant has advertised a sweet deal during Monday Night Football are two completely different things.  When it comes to the delivery stuff, I really just like […]

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Apr 25 2012

Strawberry Salad with Candied Walnuts and Poppyseed Dressing

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This salad may seem harmless–sweet and charming, in fact.  But the truth is, this salad has caused some in-fighting in our family in the past. See, this salad approximates the salad we served at our wedding 3 years ago.  Greg’s family and I got to taste this salad months beforehand at our menu tasting where […]

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Feb 02 2012

Garlic Stracciatella with Homemade Croutons

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Or, alternatively titled, “Oh shit, I let the expensive artisan bread get kinda hard and stale.  Now what?” Because that’s exactly how this meal came to be.  I bought a nice loaf of rosemary-olive oil bread to be cubed for a fun cheese fondue dinner.  That night, I worked until 8 pm and just really, […]

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Jan 30 2012

Spinach and Baked Egg Sandwiches

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I love love love runny eggs and they have been BIG on the food scene in the last few years.  Runny eggs on burgers, salads, pasta dishes, you name it.  Sometimes I thin foods are suited to having dripping, underdone, should-be-gross-but-is-delectable yolk gushing out over them and sometimes…not so much.  Because I think runny eggs, […]

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Jan 18 2012

Colleen’s Chicken Noodle Soup

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My very first experience with food photography wasn’t for the blog or Facebook or even practice shots (uh, have you seen the first few posts?  There was little practice).  No, the first photo I remember taking of food was a plate with a basic split chicken breast, a pile of Lipton’s seasoned rice and some […]

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