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Mar 29 2013

Lemon Cheesecake

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To make the holiday easier on my aging grandmother, we do potluck for Easter with my family these days (not sure why we don’t ease the tasks for my aging grandfather who still paces across his farm to hide approximately 150 dollar-filled plastic eggs–I guess cooking is more fun than finding 150 hiding spots).  And […]

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Apr 06 2011

Spring Baby Shower: Watermelon Punch and Cheesecake Pops

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As a hostess, I’m at odds with serving alcohol at a baby shower.  I’m always in favor of alcohol at parties (um, one of the first home improvements we made was a full bar in the basement) but I think you have to know your audience. On one hand, Mama-to-be won’t be drinking but if […]

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Feb 21 2011

Dessert Buffet: Red Velvet Cheesecake Bites

For Easter of 2004, my college roommate Noelle wasn’t going home so she came to my family’s celebration which includes a full-on Easter egg hunt with money in each egg.  The family gets fueled by decades of competition but it was a miserable, rainy crappy day and after a few minutes, Noelle decided to wait […]

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Oct 11 2010

Pumpkin Kahlua Cheesecake (and a twist on tarts)

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Supper clubs are all the rage in foodie magazines and TV networks.  This idea of an underground meeting of urbanites with sophisticated palates all with the intentions of having one of the grandest meals of their lives is so romantic and dramatic.  $100 bottles of wine uncorked, candlelight and important people making comments about textures […]

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