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Nov 09 2012

Seasoned Black Beans and Black Bean Soup

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There was once a time where nearly all of our meatless meals involved chick peas, somehow.  Well, I’ve apparently switched continents because now I’m drawn to anything with black beans.  They act as a terrific filler for meatless main dishes and add a big dose of protein and fiber, especially to Americanized Mexican-style dishes which […]

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Jun 27 2012

Summer Squash and Black Bean Tacos

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The third in the healthy lunch series is actually more of a Buy One Get One Free deal–makes these tacos for dinner then save a little of of each of the components for lunch the next day. My mother is a wonderful gardener–she has a big plot out back where she grows the “usuals”: summer […]

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Jan 02 2012

Pumpkin Black Bean Chili

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Ok, here’s another recipe to ease you into your New Year diet.  Clearly this is not celery sticks and air but it’s the kind of recipe that gets you moving toward a healthier, more vegetable-filled lifestyle without making you miserable and having you hating your new life from the get-go.  Plus, it makes use of […]

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Oct 19 2011

Sweet Potato and Black Bean Salad

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Remember I told you I was going to have more lunch salads in the posting queue?  Well, I’ve let you down, until this moment.  Actually, this post was forced after I got a little carried away with the sweet potatoes.  One Saturday awhile ago, Greg bought the absolute biggest sweet potato he could possibly find.  […]

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May 16 2011

Southwestern Ranch Salad

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I think Ranch salad dressing is one of those which is both a tribute and a detriment to American cuisine.  One one hand, it’s a down-home mix of farm-fresh ingredients that come together in a creamy, tangy and herb-y best friend to any tender green.  On the other hand, it can be chock-full of fat […]

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